Princess Bloom is the unofficial leader of the Winx, the youngest princess and the Guardian Fairy of Domino, the Fairy of the Dragon's Flame, along with being King Oritel's and Queen Marion's daughter, and Daphne's sister.


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Physical AppearanceEdit

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Bloom was born on Domino. However, during that time, her planet was attacked by the ancestral witches, who wanted to take the Dragon's Flame. In order to save her sister, Daphne sent Bloom to Earth, and gave her the Dragon Flame, making Bloom the next keeper of the flame. Then, Daphne tried to defeat the witches using her Sirenix powers, but then her Sirenix was cursed, making her lose her physical form.

Although, Bloom was saved, her parents was killed.

On Earth, Bloom was found by a fireman called Mike, who rescued her from an apartment on fire. She was then adopted and raised by Mike and his wife, Vanessa.

Season RolesEdit

Season 1Edit

In Season 1, Bloom met Stella, a fairy who landed on Earth to defeat an ogre. Bloom found out that she was a fairy too, and went to Alfea. She learned her fairy skills well and met other friends, just like Musa, Flora and Tecna, met the Specialists and also the evil witch gang, the Trix. She also formed her own fairy gang, the Winx.

At one point, Bloom went back to Earth, but was followed by the Trix, and her powers was stripped off. She then found out that she was the lost princess of Domino, her home planet. During the Trix's invasion, Bloom managed to regain her powers with help of her sister Daphne, and defeated the Trix.

Season 2Edit

In Season 2, Bloom and the Winx met Aisha, and soon she also became a member. The Winx bonded with the pixies, and went to Lord Darkar's, a new villain, lair. Bloom and her friends gained the power-up Charmix. Unknown to anyone, Darkar disguised himself as a professor, kidnapped Bloom, and turned her evil.

With the help of her boyfriend Sky, Bloom regains her old self again and defeated Darkar along with the Winx, stopping his plans to destroy Magix.

Season 3Edit

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Season 4Edit


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